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Lease Terms: offers several lease options to our clients.

Prices shown on this website are for Long-term (9-12+ months) leases. Short term leases from (1-3 months -or- 4-8 months) are available at a different rate.  Please contact us for short term rate information.

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Furnished Rentals:
Furnished rentals are available at an additional cost, based on unit size.  Fees listed below.

One bedroom - $295-$325 per month
Two bedrooms - $375-$450 per month
Three bedrooms - $495-$575 per month

To include Utilities add the following:
One bedroom - $250 per month
Two bedrooms - $350 per month
Three bedrooms - $425 per month

To add cable and wireless internet add the following:
Cable: $65 per month
Wireless Internet: $65 per month

To add linens (sheets and towels) add the following:
$45 per person per month

Priority Waiting List (Optional):
When homes are not immediately available through, prospective residents have the option to be placed on a priority waiting list.

Prospective residents are placed on a priority waiting list on a first come, first serve basis. To be placed on a priority waiting list, an applicant must complete an Application for Residency, place a minimum deposit of $100.00 and an application fee of $45.00 This deposit is refundable if a home in the selected community does not come available in time or is not accepted by the applicant. Once the rental home is taken off the market for a prospective resident, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Guaranteed Reservations (Required):

Rental property is reserved with a guaranty when receives a $500.00 deposit and a completed application. Upon the receipt of the deposit and Application for Residency, we will confirm your reservation in writing and the reservation is guaranteed unless the reservation is cancelled by the prospective renter prior to the move-in date. The $500.00 guaranteed reservation deposit will only be refundable if the prospective resident cancels the reservation within 45 days of the date requested, or if the application is declined by reserves the right to cancel the reservation and place the selected apartment/home back on the market if the application is declined or if the prospective resident fails to provide within 48 hours of the application date or request, information or documents necessary to process the application.

Once the guaranteed reservation reaches 45 days, the guaranteed deposit becomes non-refundable. The guaranteed deposit is credited toward the security deposit unless the reservation is cancelled within 45 days of the move-in date.

Within 30 days of move-in date, the balance of the security deposit is due along with a signed lease. Failure to submit the signed lease and/or the balance of the security deposit may forfeit the guaranteed reservation and the guaranteed deposit.

Security Deposit:
The required security deposit for a home provided by is equal to one month’s rent. If renting furnished units with various inclusive fees, this security deposit includes those monthly fees.

To receive a refund of the entire deposit, tenant must return home in the same condition as provided upon rental acceptance. Short-term rentals have a cleaning fee of $185.00 deducted from their security deposit.

Application for Residency:
One adult applicant expecting to reside in a condo/home is required to complete an Application for Residency and pay the application fees. We hold the right to verify employment, income, current and previous residency with your mortgage lender or landlord. We may also use information obtained for a credit check and to complete a criminal history report.

To be accepted for long-term (8-12+ months) residency, individual must:

1. Meet our income requirements. Other than the standard means, we may accept income from sources such as trust funds, dividends, social security or disability benefits, child support, and alimony. Income and assets must be verifiable. Cosigners may be permitted for income requirements. All co-signers must complete an application with appropriate fees.  Pertinent information will be required from the co-signer as well.

2. Have credit history in good standing for the last three years. Applicants with no credit history may be accepted under the condition that stable employment or rental history is in good standing for the past twelve months. reserves the right to deny any applicant based on a poor or suspect financial situation.

3. Have no felony convictions and/or must not be a registered sex offender.

Early Lease Termination Policy:
If you need to terminate your lease prior to your lease expiration, we require that you provide us with one month’s written notice of your intent to terminate your lease. Rent must be paid through the one-month notice period and a lease termination fee equivalent to one and one half month’s rent will become due in full by the move out date (if within first initial year lease term, subsequent lease terms are subject to 1/2 months rent for lease termination fee). Any concessions given to the resident at time of move-in or renewal, that were based on the term of the lease agreement must be reimbursed to and are payable upon the same terms as the Lease Termination Fee.

Number of Occupants:
According to the Building Officials Code Administrators (BOCA) code regulations, the number of occupants per dwelling unit is based on floor area of each room used for sleeping purposes. Bedrooms are rooms used for sleeping purposes. Every room occupied for sleeping purposes by one occupant shall contain at least 70 square feet of floor area, and every room occupied for sleeping purposes by more than one person shall contain at least 50 square feet of floor area for each occupant thereof. This rule in general equates to 1 – 2 occupants per one bedroom home, 4 occupants per two-bedroom home and 6 occupants per three-bedroom home.

Unit Size..............................Maximum Occupants
One Bedroom......................Two Occupants
Two Bedrooms.....................Four Occupants
Three Bedrooms..................Six Occupants

The Residential Occupancy Standards are regulations set in place by These guidelines are used to ensure fair and equal service to prospective residents and our current residents. is dedicated to providing a quality living environment and exceptional service. Further questions or clarifications may be addressed with a representative of

Pets must be authorized by and an additional “pet” deposit may be applied to all residents with animals in the amount of $500.00.  Birds, fish, up to two cats, two dogs (less than a combined 60lbs) or a combination of one dog and one cat per home are the only pets permissible.

Some breeds of dogs may not be permitted, such as a
Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Mastiff, Chow, Doberman and any dog-wolf mix. A letter from a veterinarian verifying the pet’s breed and proof of dog license may be required.

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